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Palm Reader - 'Braille' Album Review


1. Swarm

2. Internal Winter

3. Like A Wave

4. Inertia

5. Breach

6. Coalesce

7. The Turn

8. Dorothy

9. Clockwork

10. A Lover, A Shadow

Palm Reader are back with their brand new record “Braille” which is set for release on April 6th. The Surrey born band have been gaining respect in the underground scene for some time, but it’s now time for the Palm Reader to rise.

“Braille” was recorded and produced by Lewis Johns who has worked with Rolo Tomassi, Gnarwolves and Muncie Girls to name a few. This release sees the band eclipse their previous works by creating pulse racing riffs matched with the melody of vocals from Josh McKeown.

We enter “Braille” with lead single “Swarm” it quickly showcases what to expect from the new remoulded Palm Reader. It’s stomach punching chorus brings Palm Reader closer to the main stream Rock sound which has been produced within the last couple of years. That said there still remains a deep love for Metal which breaks through right at the very end - a screeching riff which could easily break any pint glass into a million pieces.

Screeching and shouting into “Internal Water” - it’s sing along chorus brings out something new from Palm Reader - melody, it’s both exciting and easy to listen to. The vocals are stretched by frontman Josh but still outstanding. This track has the perfect balance of melody and Metal, we are now gathering an idea where album number three is going. We stumble into “Like A Wave” with clear vocals mixed with a fast tempo drum beat - this track adds already to the outstanding marriage of Metal and Alternative Palm Reader have created with “Braille”.

Moving into a couple of slower pieces, first up “Inertia” - there is a build of tension ready to be released as one huge output. We then slide back to the slow tones of the track again. It builds up to another explosive output and ending with the passionate echo of lyrics “inertia” which means to remain unchanged. Something which does not reflect on Palm Reader in 2018.

Secondly is “Breach” a fully instrumental track which showcases the talent of the band - perfectly placed in the middle of the album.

After the clam there is always a storm, right? “Coalesce” brings that storm - it’s screaming lyrics, heavy notes and crashing drums for six minutes and five seconds are not for the faint hearted. As I am listening to the album it seems apparent that every track on this album could be a successful single for the band. “The Turn” is up next for the adopted Nottingham band, it holds heavy lyrics such as “Where do we go from here” and the answer is up, higher and higher up every festival bill come this summer. The craftsmanship from all the blood, sweat and tears pours throughoutthis track.

Time to reflect with another instrumental track placed in the middle of this brutal album. Staying slow with “Clockwork” but only for two minutes as half way through is the rough vocals from Josh and the picking of strings from both guitarist Andy and Sam. This is Palm Reader striped back right to its core.

Finishing off “Braille” nicely is “A Lover, A Shadow” - a track which rolls everything this album has to offer all into one with its mix of melody, brutal riffs and tearing vocals towards the end.

Palm Reader have crafted a forward thinking album which crosses over multiple genres. We will look back on “Braille” as the album which took Palm Reader to the next level.

Review - Jake Williams

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