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Greybeards - 'For The Wilder Minds' Album Review


1. Fast Asleep

2. One In A Billion

3. Come Undone

4. Insane

5. Beautiful Things

6. Free

7. You Struck Me

8. Cold December

9. Peace Of Mind

10. The Nerve

Swedish band Greybeards are set to release their new album “For The Wilder Minds”, which features current single “Fast Asleep”.

Now, given their nationality, there is a temptation to include some throw away Swedish references in an attempt to raise a cheap laugh among you readers but I shall try my utmost to uphold the ideals of 3 Songs & Out and banish that reprehensible Ikea from my mind…I’ll get my coat!

Terrible puns aside, this is a good little album of straight up Rock with no pretentions - a couple of listens and you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of them before. Current single “Fast Asleep” opens the album with intent…crisp guitars and when the drums and bass kick in, there’s a brief link in your head to the opening of “Welcome To The Jungle” but almost as soon as you’ve made that link, it’s gone. I don’t know if it’s deliberate or coincidental but it’s a great touch. “Fast Asleep” deals with the increasing digitalisation of the world but it’s not preachy or a call to march on 1 Infinite Loop (although a trip to California would be nice at this time of year…just saying!).

The rest of the album carries on in the same vein…punchy guitars, great harmonies and that feel good factor that most Euro Rock seems to have…it’s not ground breaking but then it doesn’t need to be. It gives a good account of itself and it doesn’t feel the need to make a statement; yes, “Fast Asleep” has a “message” but you won’t feel the need to whistle your way through Gorky Park whilst dodging spilt candle wax!

Stand out tracks are “Fast Asleep”, “Insane” and “Free” (which is rapidly turning into an ear worm!) but there’s not really a weak link amongst them…although I do warn you the play out to final track “The Nerve” has some fancy studio twiddling on it - not the best thing to listen to with a wee hangover!

The band have recently toured China and Europe and with the Festival season nearly upon us, I’d expect them to feature in quite a few across the continent. On the strength of this album, I’m hoping a UK tour is in the offing.

If you like your Rock simple and classic, or have a soft spot for Euro Rock but don’t want to burn your thumb holding a lighter aloft, “For The Wilder Minds” could just be your next regret free purchase.

Review - Chris Watson

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