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Blue October Return To UK Shores This March

I suppose I should start by saying that Blue October truly mean the world to me. Like many if not all the fans that the band have accumilated over the years, I owe them a lot. They have been there with me through some of the hardest moments of my life but also some of the happiest. They have very much become a soundtrack for my life.

You see Blue October to so many is so much more than a band, think instead of a family. A family united as one through the beautiful soundscape of a band that wear their hearts on their sleeve. More specifically the heart of the man himself, Justin Furstenfeld. Justin has built the band from the ground up and worked hard over the years to win the hearts of many. With his deeply personal yet ever so relatable lyrics he and the rest of the band have continued to deliver quality album after quality album and incredible tour after incredible tour. All whilst dealing with addiction, public break downs, divorce and a custody battle all of which have been on a very open and public forum.

The band have visited the darker sides of the human disposition but now find themselves sitting comfortably on the lighter side of life. The album 'Sway' saw the beginning of the their departure both lyrically and musically from the darker depths of Justin's mind. For me is was a step in the right direction and 'Home' continued that trend. Now with new single 'I Hope You're Happy' enjoying its release and a new album pending the band are returning to UK shores and they appear to be stronger than ever.

Kicking their Euro Tour off in Manchester (Where we are excited to be joining them) the band will hit a series of UK venues that offer a more intimate setting. Even though they are certainly more deserving of the arenas, Blue October thrive in these smaller venues. Much like the bands social networks that Justin uses as means to share with us his world, the lower capacity venues work as an extension of this and allow for the band to almost come face to face with everyone in the room. No matter where you're standing you can feel it all. What will surely follow is a night of great music and heartfelt conversation from a band that belong on the stage and clearly enjoy every minute of it. The UK has always been great to the band and they make sure to return in kind.

As stated before I do love these guys and my write up here might come across a little doting but those who know the band will certainly get it.

Tickets are still available for the shows and can be purchased via the usual outlets. Dates and venues listed below.

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