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Towers Of London - 'Send In The Roses' Single Review

Towers Of London are not hanging round, and have released the third single form their keenly awaited album, 'Super Songs From K Town', and I think this is the best one so far.

The Towers have released a fun video shot in Waterloo, The Southbank, The Embankment, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus spreading the love by handing out 1000 Roses to the good people of London. The video encapsulates the new mood and direction of the Towers of London, who released the single on Valentines Day.

The track also shows yet another side of the Towers, and is, again different to the previous two releases, 'A Shot In The Dark' and 'Superbowl'. This track is more reminiscent of an Indie number from the late 90's, maybe this should not be a surprise given their new Management under Alan McGee.

The track goes straight in with a catchy hook and the line 'Woke up in a daze, feeling quite peculiar', the song just sucks you in and you know this is going to put a smile on your face. The chorus is catchy and will stay in your head long after the song has ended. there are great lyrics in the song, again showing a great sense of humour. My favourite was ' She didn't even take a coat, but I think she took my best headphones!'. When the love of your life has left, it's even more concerning if your Bose cans cannot be found I suppose. Who said sentiment was dead. This song has everything to make it a crowd pleaser. Hooks, catchy riffs, singalong lyrics and a beat that will make the crowds clap to the beat.

The third Single from 'Super Sounds From K Town' proves that Towers Of London have evolved. Gone are the sneering, angry young men who courted trouble, instead they are spreading the Love to strangers, with a catchy, hook laden soundtrack. If this is the new Towers Of London, I like it. Bring on the album!

Review - Tony Creek

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