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FEED THE RHINO​ – 'The Silence' Album Review


1. Timewave Zero 2. Heedless 3. Losing Ground 4. 68 5. All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy 6. Yellow And Green 7. Nerve Of A Sinister Killer 8. Fences 9. The Silence 10. Lost In Proximity 11. Featherweight

Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that their hiatus in 2015 may have had a detrimental effect for FEED THE RHINO​, and left fans wondering if they’d ever be able to get back to the standards they had showed us prior to the break.

In short, people needn’t have wondered. Opening with 'Timewave Zero', you can see for yourself that their usual high standard is there. Screaming the vocals with pure, raw emotion underpinned by the catchy, heavy bass lines and guitar riffs, Lee Tobin still manages to give those singalong choruses that fans know and love.

'Heedless' comes next, and is probably one of my favourites from their whole back catalogue. This track shows just what the UK Hardcore scene lost when FEED THE RHINO​ took their break, and makes fans thankful they’re back.

'Losing Ground' is up next, but is one of the more relaxed songs on the album. Singalong vocals all the way through and infectious riffs leave this one of the highlights on what is an outstanding return to form for FEED THE RHINO​.

I could tell you all the high points of every single track on this album, but that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and 'The Silence' is an album that you need to take time to listen to and savour for yourself. It keeps your foot tapping all the way through, and each track has something different to offer. Whether it is the blistering vocals, intricate guitars or the way the bass and drums work flawlessly together, there’s something for everyone.

'The Silence' has shown that the hiatus has done no damage to FEED THE RHINO​ at all, and that they have came back as strong, if not stronger than before. I can see a lot of these tracks being firm live favourites.

Review - Vikki Holding

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