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Marmozets - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 08.02.2018

Tonight is my first time shooting at Rescue Rooms and I was impressed. The stage is quite a bit higher than the one at Rock City next door and the pit is a lot narrower which makes certain shots a bit more difficult and if there are a few photographers in there moving around requires the dexterity of a mountain goat. Overall though a good venue.

The support band for tonight are Queen Zee who are from Liverpool. The band are a five piece and are an energetic bunch with a collection of infectious songs which were delivered to perfection. It's clean and distorted guitars mixed with vocals delivered with attitude to match 'Hunger Pains' and then songs where the guitar and bass at times sound something 'The Cure' could have produced 'Idle Crown', overall it works and sounds great. The set flew by and that shows the sign of enjoying a band. They were new to me so I was listening and watching with an unbiased view and was impressed, one to check out if you get chance.

Marmozets hit the stage at this sold out show and within a matter of minutes you could tell the crowd were in the mood for a good night. The tour is to give some of the songs off the new album 'Knowing What You Know Now' a chance to be heard live plus playing previous material. The delivery is impeccable and precise. It's loud and enrgetic and Becca's vocals are flawless. She soon has the crowd transfixed and is like a conductor in an orchestra leading the crowd to sing along which they do willingly.

She commands the stage with effortless grace and the band has a whole look like theyre enjoying themselves which is great to see. With a little encouragement from the band to crowd surf the next song certainly gives the security something to deal with which they do admirabley. The band show their appreciation by getting the two security guys up on stage for a selfie with the band.

More encoragemment from the band for the crowd to 'sit on shoulders' is again taken up keenly. These guys are a class act and have some awesome tracks and the crowd participation to the likes of 'Play' , 'Move, Shake, Hide', 'Born Young And Free' and the new 'Major System Error' gave me goosebumps and was a pleasure to witness.

These guys won't be playing these types of venues for long and people who say the Rock music scene is over need to get themselves to one of Marmozets gigs.

Do yourself a favour and get the new album and get yourself to a gig as soon as you can, you won't regret it.

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