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Elessar - 'Is This All We Are' EP Review


1. Half Love

2. Stay

3. In All Honesty

4. Careless

5. Saudade

Having already released their debut EP “Reflections” back in 2016 - Elessar are back with forthcoming EP, “Is This All We Are”. Produced by Matt O'Grady (You Me At Six, Deaf Havana, Don Broco), the release promises to elevate the band to new heights.

Ricky Powell (Vocals and Guitar) remarks about the EP: “’Is This All We Are' Is definitely our most personal work to date. We wanted to focus on a record that went deeper emotionally than we have ever gone before, something that people can relate to. I tried to focus the writing around dealing with love and loss a lot more and getting over anxiety and trust issues that thousands of people face every day”.

Elessar kick off “Is This All We Are” with “Half Love” a track that beats power from the start. An obvious love song, lyrically this song doesn’t scream out catchy but the expansive riffs and Pop vibes makes this an unbelievable start to the EP.

This next track echos what “Half Love” has already teased us with - “Stay” is catchy and brings the best out of Elessar. The Pop vibes are literally popping out all over the place and there is always a place for the Alternative Rock tones in Elessar songs. Next up, “In All Honestly” creates a bridge perfectly in the middle of this EP - we are being told a journey of heart ache, the lyrics are starting to mean more and more the closer you listen to every track. This song is finished with an a cappella - a touching moment.

BANG! We smash into “Careless” - it’s crushing sound is just what this EP needed, taking it to the next level. You can hear the emotion in every word from vocalists Ricky and Alex. We dust ourselves down with “Saudade” - this track sums up what this EP is about, a feeling of longing which we have all felt at some point. I can’t really put this track into words, you’ll have to listen to it.

“Is This All We Are” is a step in the right direction for the band members but not the band. Compared to “Reflections” this EP is softer, it has a solid core but it’s a sound that is a little dated.

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