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Weekend Recovery - 'Get What You Came For' Album Review


1. Turn It Up

2. Oh Jenny

3. Monster

4. Why Don't You Love Me

5. Ordinary Game

6. Anyway

7. Why Don't You Stay

8. All My Own

9. Get What You Came For

10. I Wanna Get Off

Kent band Weekend Recovery have only been together for a short time, so reviewing their album you can be forgiven for thinking “Is this too much too soon?”

The band are described as Garage/Punk and have, in their short lifespan, been adopted by BBC Kent’s Introducing and an NME Presents Evening which bodes well. That, and lyrics like “I love you most when you hate me; it’s the only time it’s interesting”, are enough to banish any such fears.

Doing a bit of research online, singer/guitarist Lori seems to be the focal point but thankfully there appears to be a lack of the usual rent-a-gobshite quotes issued in the name of “profile”. The rest of the band (Owen/guitar. Josh/bass and Marcus/drums) are rock solid and definitely not to be overlooked…together Weekend Recovery are more than capable of letting the music do the shouty “Look at me!” bit.

The album weighs in at 10 tracks and a little over 30 minutes and packs a lot into that short window. Stand out tracks for me are “Why Don’t You Love Me”, “Monster”, “I Wanna Get Off” (from which the above lyric comes) and my favourite “Anyway” a slower song which shows they’re not just a one trick pony, with Lori showing a vulnerable side you wouldn’t have expected from the opening few songs. Oh, and an honourable mention and “Spark of Genius” award must go to whichever band member decided to have a guitar pick out “nah nah nah nah nah” on opening track “Turn It Up”.

Weekend Recovery are set to continue their live assault on the nation in 2018, with a typical DIY approach relying on friends and fans…I would love to see this lot live. They’re playing Glasgow and Edinburgh in August and if they’re in need of a place to crash…Casa Watson stands ready to receive them (subject to status (and the Missus agreeing); terms and conditions apply)

Review - Chris Watson

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