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Towers Of London - 'SUPERBOWL' Single Review

Towers of London have released their second single from the eagerly awaited 'Super Sounds Of K Town' album and 'SUPERBOWL' could not be more different from the first single, 'Shot In The Dark'. Whereas 'Shot In The Dark was a serious song, 'SUPERBOWL' is a lot of fun. You can see the fun that the band are having by watching the video.

The track is being described as the modern day ‘Walk This Way’… A Rap/Rock crossover. Whilst it is a Rap/Rock crossover, I am not sure it can be compared to 'Walk This Way'. Written while the band were recording their upcoming album in LA’s Koreatown, the song takes the term used for the world’s most iconic sporting event and gives it a new meaning; ‘SUPERBOWL’ doesn’t mean settling for watching the biggest show in town, you can BE the biggest show in town. you are the main event, you are Superbowl.

The track starts with a heavy guitar riff as you would expect, but when the vocal kicks in Donny is singing in what can only be described as a comedic American accent. In this respect it has an 80s feel about it. After the initial rapping which is done very tongue in cheek the rest of the song has a catchy hook to it, with the rest of the band joining in with backing vocals. The chorus is really catchy and fun. About two thirds of the way through there is a change of tempo, before the chorus kicks in again. The whole thing ends with the MGM lion roar.

Some will like it, some will hate it, but isn't that always the way with a Towers Of London track. I like it. It is fun, it made me smile, contrary to popular opinion, TOL do not take themselves too seriously. Check out the video and have a giggle. The video 'stars' Theresa May, Oasis, Donald Trump, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and Mount Rushmore. What's not to Like?

Review - Tony Creek

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