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Fizzy Blood Release New Single/Video 'ADHD'

Rising Leeds band Fizzy Blood are pleased to reveal the new video for their single 'ADHD'. The track is written from the experiences of guitarist Paul Howells, who is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Created by Richard Biggs and Jolyon White, the team behind Channel 4’s 2016 campaign 'We’re The Superhumans', the video gives viewers an insight to living with 'ADHD', visually depicting hyperactivity and inattention. The condition affects up to 5% of children and can often go undiagnosed, even in adults.

"I was diagnosed with having symptoms of ADHD along with type 2 bipolar disorder at the age of 21 and I guess my experience of it was playing on my mind when I sat down to write that day. When we were discussing the song with Richard & Jolyon, the super talented and creative guys behind the video, they suggested trying to capture the experiences in the lyrics, but visually, and we all thought this was a brilliant idea... It immediately spoke to my personal experiences of living with ADHD. The end result is weird, hyperactive, and fucked up – we love it ” - Paul Howells (guitars)

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