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The Recoupes - 'All I Know' Single Review

South East band The Recoupes release their latest single “All I Know” this month.

Created in band practice, the single is a summery little number written about the girlfriend of singer Alan, acknowledging that he might not be perfect (yep, know that feeling) but he’s going to give his all to her.

It’s a pleasant little song which I could imagine sitting very comfortably on the soundtrack to one of those “Bridget’s Bridesmaid Diary” films. Playing in the background while our heroine reflects on the utter cads she’s been dating and, suddenly, she has an epiphany about that nice bloke who she’s always though of as a friend but he’s really quite dishy…not that I watch any of those films you understand…or have the boxsets. I digress, it’s got a chorus that’ll become an earworm and the band are accomplished musicians…what’s not to like?

There is a neat bit in the middle eight (as I believe musicians refer to it) where it stops being a song sung to an abstract person and it feels like they’re singing direct to Alan’s girlfriend…quite like that and something that shows they know how to craft a song and make it memorable.

They’ve garnered some BBC airplay and, on the strength of this single, I can see quite a few stations putting them on a playlist. If they carry on like this, then they’ll get picked up by a label and you’ll definitely hear more from them.

Review - Chris Watson

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