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The Final Clause Of Tacitus - 'Not Like The Rest' EP Review


1. Tables Turn

2. 5 Minutes Of Funk

3. Fingerprint

4. Try Again

5. I'm Bad For You Health

6. Walk On The Moon

Hailing from Reading comes The Final Clause Of Tacitus, they are known for their energetic live performances. They are back and ready to Funk all over you.

We start off with a message about how society has accepted that your life is planned for you before you even start by parents and teachers. 2018 welcomes The Final Clause Of Tacitus back for their second EP “Not Like The Rest” - starting with “Turn Tables” this track does not disappoint with its slapping bass lines, groovy beats and catchy lyrics - TFCoT bring a modern twist to the classic tones of Funk Rock, welcome to one of the best EPs of 2018.

Grooving into “5 Minutes Of Funk” - Funk is whats expected and Funk is what you get. The sound penetrates your ear drums for only four minutes & thirty seconds but we’ll let that one go because this is a tune! This brings us on “Fingerprint”, a bouncy track which brings out the sloppy guitar, something that is ever present in the cross over of Funk Rock. This song showcases what the genre is all about, with lyrics such “You can’t be, just like everyone else, I can only never be like the rest” - this is carried across the EP well.

Moving onto the smooth toned of “Try Again” but wait...I hear a faint sound of a groove coming, “Yeeeeaaahhhh” is screamed by the lead vocalist. Simple but effective is the only way to describe this song, it doesn’t have as many layers as other tracks but it’s a fantastic track with a smashing ending.

We dust down the best EP of the 2018 (I’ve decided that) with the more aggressive side of TFCoT bringing in “I’m Bad For Your Health” & “Walk On The Moon” - focusing on the slapping bass lines once again - these tracks are exploding with power and energy. I cannot wait to see these song performed live! Closing the EP off with another announcement that your day to day job is making you sick.

The Final Clause Of Tactitus have produced an EP which has something for everyone. I’ve listened to this EP non-stop since I received it, I will be sure to check The Final Clause Of Tacitus out live!

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Review - Jake Williams

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