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TIGERCUB Release New Single/Video 'Faking Laughter'

TIGERCUB have released a lyric video for ‘Faking Laughter’, the final track to be taken from their recently released 'Evolve Or Die' EP out now on Alcopop! Records, and a commentary on the relentless “fake news” cycle bombarding us daily. Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, front man Jamie Hall said: "Faking laughter is about coping with the absurdity of our post-satire news cycle. We now live in a culture where our politicians and public figures are feeding us bullshit every day, and we all know it's bullshit, but instead of doing anything we just dutifully carry on with our lives as if it's not actually happening. It feels like things are so out of control now - the only way to function is to be completely apathetic and indifferent to what we see. “For the video I cut the song to early computer graphic animations from the 60s & 70s myself. I thought it would work well to contrast old programmed visions of the future as a backdrop to my own surreal/escapist take on life today. I also ran the track through an Oscilloscope - which is a frequency visualiser - to emphasise the cyclic hypnotic feel to the song."

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