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The Gallerys - 'It's Up To You' EP Review


1. Over The Bridge

2. It's Up To You

3. Doctor Friend

Kent 3 piece The Gallerys have released their latest EP “It’s Up To You” and it’s a stonker!

Comprised of James Wood (guitar), Craig Barden (Bass) and Dan Maggs (drums), The Gallerys are no strangers to the live circuit (take a look at their Facebook page and you’ll see the number of upcoming gigs) and this has set them in good stead for working in the studio – they’re tight, excellent musicians and that translates in the joyous noise that fills your ears.

First track “Over The Bridge” is a 3 and a half minute blast that has echoes of early Supergrass but importantly retains its own identity. It feels like a one taker - raw and live and all the better for it. The song obviously works, so no need to ruin it by putting it through the machines that have flashy lights and needles that dance in strange ways.

“It’s Up To You” is a splendidly mixed up song. It starts off like a brilliantly pure summer Pop song of which Ian Brodie would be extraordinarily proud (no faint praise) then it morphs into a chorus that sounds like it could be The Who you’re listening to and then back…I know it sounds wrong when it’s written down but it sounds great in my headphones and will definitely be added to my general playlist.

Final track on the EP is “Doctor Friend” - a joyously spikey Bluesy track, which has the double quality of being infectious but not taking itself too seriously and I would defy anyone not to have a smile on their face during the last 30 seconds…I’ve attracted some weird looks in the local Sainsburys as I queue with a daft grin on my face!

There is an overall 60’s vibe to the EP which is understandable, given it was recorded at Abbey Road (presumably before U2 showered the place with pomposity) but it’s still original enough to be relevant today. The EP is well worth checking out and if future releases are of this calibre, The Gallerys are a band to watch out for.

Review - Chris Watson

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