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J.D. Hangover - 'J.D. Hangover' EP Review


1. Barrelhouse Queen

2. Headspinner Blues

3. Mr Williamson

4. Broken Bones Blues

5. Problem Child

6. Down At The Public House

J.D. Hangover are a duo comprising Stiv Catarelli and Roberti Villa, This EP/Sampler uses minimal technology in fact they said “We sat in a room with an old friend, a 1972 Roland TR77 electronic drummer and an 8 tracks 1" tape Studer recorder. We drank, played music, listened to Alan Vega and Lightnin’ Hopkins and we created a sort of alter ego.. A man with no birthplace and no country, who didn’t have ties with anyone but his music. We called him James Dean Hangover.”

What they created was a raw, sometimes disturbing and very dark interpretation of Blues. Take Delta Blues, fuse it with a large helping of Industrial sound and you might come close

The opening track 'Barrelhouse Queen' starts with a ticking drum machine which sounds like a metronome. Fuzzy slide guitar follows and the bleeding vocal starts. It builds really nicely , before the real surprise at the end, a bar piano and reverb, with feedback on the guitar.

‘Headspinner Blues’ is a more chilled but no less morose track than the first track. The vocal is sweeter. The guitar is just as prominent and fuzzy as before with plenty of reverb and feedback’

‘Mr Williamson’ seems like a Brian Jonestown Massacre / Dylan mashup, recorded in a tunnel. This is not a bad thing just an observation. The vocal, initially is at the forefront of the track, before the fuzzy guitar kicks in. The occasional introduction of organ gives some respite to the darkness.

‘Broken Bones Blues’ starts as with previous tracks with the drum machine. There is a dark drum loop running through the track. Again a piano tinkles away at the end before the drum machine bows out.

‘Problem Child’ has a more recognisable Blues vibe on the vocal, but backed by the sometimes harsh, but generally sweet slide guitar. The guest instrument on this track is a short and sweet blast of the mouth organ.

‘Down At The Public House’ conjures up images of a dark, imposing inner city pub rather than a gastro bar. I suspect that this is where the hangover was induced. In an EP that does not follow the rules this is a psychedelic trip, and this feels like the come down!

This is an EP which needs to be listened to several times to appreciate it. You would be excused for not revisiting it for a second time, but it is worth it. This is a definite grower.

JD Hangover have created a trippy, dark, imposing piece of work. A new take on one of the oldest genres of Rock 'n Roll. The Blues have got sinister, and you feel like you are listening to a fuzzy collection of songs with morning after the night before ears on. This is an EP to be listened to if you like Blues, but are not alone, of sound mind and not of a nervous disposition.

Review - Tony Creek

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