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Megan Valentine - 'Wrong Side Of The Road' EP Review


1. Step Up!

2. A Songfic

3. Until My Wings Burn

4. Wrong Side Of The Road

5. Black

Imagine, if you can, an Avril Lavigne who grew up less hanging around skater boys and more with the Punk and Metal kids. If you can, then perhaps you need Megan Valentine in your life.

Megan originally hails from Zakynthos in Greece but now finds herself based in South West London. With song-writing partner Karol Stanczak, the pair have cooked up an EP leaning heavily on the American Post Pop Punk of the 2000's.

The "Wrong Side Of The Road" EP ticks all the relevant boxes for lovers of new Nu Metal and Post Hardcore. Tracks buzz and fizz with choppy guitars and driven drums, Megan providing some smooth vocals. It blasts along in all the right places.

Opener 'Step Up!' pins it's colours to the mast straight away, bouncing along like it should be on heavy rotation on Kerrang! Tight guitars underpin the pleasant vocals of Megan. 'A Songfic' eases you in with a gentle guitar before picking up the pace, especially when the chorus drops in. 'Until My Wings Burn' provides a similar feel before settling on something akin to a ballad without the horrible mawkish sentiments, which is something they could have easily opted on.

Title track 'Wrong Side Of The Road' eases in the listener with a jangling acoustic guitar and some hand claps before morphing into a mid paced rocker. Fifth and final track 'Black' comes across as a bit heavier than it's bedfellows. Throw in some occasional Nu Metal backing vocals and you have a swaggering anthem to close the EP with.

As a first EP it's a steady place to build up from. The songs are tight and have enough hooks in them to keep your interest and before you realise it, it's over and you're wanting to press play again. With bands like Skarlett Riot and Hands Off Gretel leading the way, Megan has some good company. They could just do with some more experience, something that will help add a feeling of authority to the performances that will help lift them above the pack.

Review - Scott Hamilton

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