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Asking Alexandria - 'Asking Alexandria' Album Review


1. Alone In A Room 2. Into The Fire 3. Hopelessly Hopeful 4. Where Did It Go? 5. Rise Up 6. When The Lights Come On 7. Under Denver 8. Vultures 9. Eve 10. I Am One 11. Empire (feat. Bingx) 12. Room 138 13. Into The Fire (Radio Edit)

Asking Alexandria ended 2017 by releasing their self-titled album - this is the first release since being reunited with Vocalist Danny Worsnop. Produced by Matt Good, for the band this collection songs comes with pride and a pinch of self-certain attitude.

We explode into “Alone In A Room” a song which has strong lyrics and meaning behind them. Just by this one track you can hear a positive difference from previous albums - production by Matt Good has already bought the best out of Asking Alexandria. The fun doesn’t stop as we go for round two with another powerful track “Into The Fire” - a perfect song as a single.

Already just two songs in - you can tell this is an more adult album for the band, they have created a balance, a sound that paves the way for Danny Worsnop’s mix of raw and soft vocals.

We smoothly slide into “Hopelessly Hopeful”, “Where Did It Go” and “When The Lights Come On” which all have a touch of Pop Rock, something AA haven’t gone anywhere near before - are they becoming more accessible to the mainstream market? Only time will tell but what ever it is, Asking Alexandria have got it right! “Rise Up” is sandwiched in the middle of it all, throwing us back to the early days of the five piece - showing they still have what it takes to scream and shout.

Things down for the mellow and touching songs “Under Denver” and “Vultures” these showcase the incredible harmonies of Danny’s voice, I am rather surprised he has a voice left after years of screaming. As the saying goes it’s the calm before the storm... “Eve” is up next paired with the fantastic “I Am One” which belts out stomach punching drums and head banging riffs. Something the band will always be ten out of ten for.

“Empire” is a sound that Asking Alexandria haven’t tried before, a song that features rap artist Bingx, a risk that has paid off for a band that have produced an album which screams out professionalism. Finishing off with “Room 138” a strong track to end on, this almost sounds like an intro track.

Overall Asking Alexandria have proven they are capable of making a sound that creeps into mainstream Rock without taking out the anger of Metalcore - with Danny Worsnop returning to conjure up the chemistry and confidence Asking Alexandria once had, I hope they can return to the top of many festival bills.

Review - Jake Williams

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