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Counterpoint - 'If Not Now, When?' EP Review


1. Leave It All Behind

2. Honestly

3. Between You And Me

4. DownDownDown

5. One Sided Conversations

Counterpoint have been around the block a few times with various bands but have now settled in Manchester to open their options having previously been homed in Liverpool. The band released a couple of taster tracks and were approached by highly regarded producer Jim Pinder (Bullet For My Valentine) from there they got to work on their debut EP and will be releasing “If Not Now, When?” on Friday 9th February 2018.

We start proceeding with the punch in the face “Leave It All Behind” a track that is made to fill academy venues with its huge anthem, guitars riffs and bass lines that flow in sync and early 00’s Alternative Rock that’s throws you back to the good old times. Within a minute you have an idea what Counterpoint are bringing to 2018.

We slide into “Honestly” and “Between You And Me”. Staying old school, these are powerful songs which surface the emotional side of Dominic Lucocks’ voice (Lead vocals) with lyrics such as “I walk around, I see your face, I know I won’t recover” from “Honestly” yet it’s catchy, I can already vision fans screaming the lyrics back live.

I love the fact Counterpoints remoulding an old sound for 2018 and this is shown in “DownDownDown”. Ending the track with the bass drum the centre of the song, I can imagine a circle pit at Download Festival for the four piece hailing from Liverpool. “One Sided Conversations” is the last track on the EP and probably the weakest. It’s softer then the rest of the EP which showcases the depth but doesn’t seem to fit in next to the rest of the tracks.

Overall Counterpoint have produced an EP that will make heads turn and hopefully gain some good support slots a long the way. What’s now on the agenda is the importance of the next release which has to be out fairly quickly to keep the hype going. Aside from “One Sided Conversations”, every track has the potential to be a successful single for the band.

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