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1. Best Version Of Me

2. Despairwaves

3. Sombre In 6/8

BLOODMINES self-titled EP is a raw experience, there is no swamp of treatments evident on the instruments or vocals, what you hear is probably exactly what the band would sound like live. This EP would make excellent listening even if the music was mediocre. The music is not, however mediocre, far from it and the instrumental sounds are almost exactly how I would like to hear my own recordings sounding if I ever got my arse into a studio (Not even on the horizon... Why would I open myself up to the kind of criticism I level at people?).

As some of you may have gleaned I listen to a lot of Prog-Rock, but sometimes it's good to cleanse your musical palette, listen to something which was designed not to be "boundary shifting" or "revolutionary" or "a conceptual masterstroke", not that this EP is in any way simplistic or indeed a clone of anything specific, far from it, Bloodmines is a power trio who very much have a sonic identity all their own.

I said that this is not simplistic, and by way of example the last track on the EP is in 6/8 which is not the most common time signature (because it's not so easy to count) nevertheless, it sounds like it has moments designed to allow space for audience singalongs.

I will admit that this has whetted my appetite and I'm looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

Review - Mike McLaughlin

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