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Sittingthesummerout - 'Brick And Mortar' EP Review


1. Nothing Changes In Baltimore

2. It Won't Rain Forever

3. Permanence

4. Dry, Dry June

5. To Those Concerned

When I was given this EP to review it was described as Spoken Word Metal. I immediately thought of Black Flag and Henry Rollins.

Boy was I wrong!

Opening track “Nothing Changes in Baltimore” starts out very melodically, the vocal delivery when it kicks in could be compared to the late Chester Bennington. The comparisons with Linkin Park are there, but this EP is a bit less jarring on the ears.

Track two reminds me of the film “The Crow”, you know, 'It Can’t Rain All The Time'. Oddly when I checked the track title it was “It Can’t Rain Forever”. Spooky I’m also reminded of bands like Dashboard Confessional and the likes, it has that Emo kinda feel to it.

I must admit that by track three “Permenance” I’m finding singer Samir Batistas voice to be quite grating, it has a slightly whiney note.

By the final track “To Those Concerned” I’m getting a bit bored. It’s not giving me anything new, or even anything I want to remember. Sadly whilst listening to this final track some of the vocals reminded me of Elmer Fudd, an image I can now not get out of my head. That pretty much puts the nail in the coffin for 'Brick And Mortar' for me I’m afraid.

Sorry guys, just not for me!

Review - Andrew Forcer

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