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RAYNE - 'Complex By Design' Album Review


1. Chemicals

2. Dolorous

3. Human Imitation

4. Love, Live, Learn

5. Opportunity For Progress

6. Subject A

7. The Great Burden

This isn’t an album for singing along to in the car on your daily commute. This is a band that need to be seen live to appreciate the atmosphere created by the music. Then you pick up a copy of the album from the merch stand on your way home as a reminder of a great night out.

There is an addictive guitar sound and some of the vocals are haunting. I can vision the songs being sung back by the crowd in a large concert setting. All the way through my first listen of the tracks, my overwhelming thought was MUSE. The more melodic Muse not the angry sounding one!

The first two tracks ’Chemicals’ and ‘Delorous’ are fantastic choices to open the album. Unfortunately, after that I lost interest a bit due to the difficulty understanding the lyrics. This isn’t an album to be downloaded if you like to sing along as you need the lyric booklet to know what the songs are about. I struggled even after several listens. The album ends well though with track 7 ‘The Great Burden’. The heavy drum intro really got my attention back.

I really liked the album but would rather go see these guys live as I think the music is more suited to being raw than laid down onto a CD.

Review - Claire Tym

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