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Ducking Punches Release New Single/Video 'Smoking Spot'

Ducking Punches deliver the latest exhilarating single from their much anticipated new album ‘Alamort’ (out 16 Feb 2018 on Xtra Mile Recordings). Opening-up about the new single, plus the touching tribute to a close friend of the band’s hidden within the video, Dan Allen of Ducking Punches reveals: “This is a song about a private place I have with my buddies, where we’ve made some of the brightest memories. We’d often drive out there if someone was having a bad time and take in the expansive world around us, realising how small we all are, which in turn would alleviate the pain of our problems. It’s humbling and grounding at the same time. We shot the video and let off a bunch of fireworks at one of these spaces. The fireworks that grace tons of our videos act as a tribute to my closest friend that we lost. 'Smoking Spot' is for friendship, for love and for those shared burdens on tired shoulders."

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