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No Hot Ashes Release New Single 'Eight Till Late'

Out now, the track is the first to emerge from an upcoming new EP: 'Skint Kids Disco', which will be released on the Modern Sky label on 30 March 2018. As a band initially drawn together by their mutual love of 70's & 80's Funk & Disco records, it’s clear to hear on new single ‘Eight Till Late’ that their feet remain very much on the dance floor. Marrying the louche strut of Orange Juice and liquid rhythms of Two Door Cinema Club, vocalist Isaac Taylor overlays his agile and distinct vocal stylings on a record that fizzes with a unique and palpable chemistry. Designed to move the listener physically and emotionally, the lyrics of ‘Eight Till Late’ also see frontman Taylor open-up about his own personal struggles with mental health. Speaking about the track, Taylor says: “The single is about mental health and how it's affected me and people around me. I wanted to give a fairly honest account of how day to day struggles can weigh on the brain, everything from work to your favourite fizzy drinks being tampered with. As a band we think that modern life is all a bit much and taking time to fix your head is essential.”

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