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Juanita Stein Releases New Single/Video 'Black Winds'

Fresh from supporting The Killers on their UK arena tour, Juanita Stein The Howling Bells frontwoman turned solo artist, who released her 'America' album his summer, has now shared the video for album track 'Black Winds'.

'Black Winds' is a track based on a photograph taken by Arthur Rothstein. Juanita says "It sees a man walking head on into a dust storm. Musically the pace and stomp of the rhythm mirror the cautiousness I imagine he is experiencing. Clearly the photograph is a strong metaphor for where this character is at in his life, broken, weathered. I think about his struggle, I imagine his desire for light and tenderness. "

In this video, directed by Giorgio Testi & Simone Pellegrini, we witness the relationship a man has with a woman, she is a dancer, he is the only man privy to her seduction. There is an unconventional exchange of tenderness, perhaps love, between them. Juanita adds: "At no point does he make physical contact, she is 100% in control of her physical self and their situation. He is comfortable in his manner and gaze, which suggests this is not the first time they’ve shared this moment together. In the end it is she who leaves him sitting there, grabbing her shawl as she leaves. His final gaze, looking down at the floor, is one of sadness and reflects a deep internal and emotional struggle. He is knowingly walking head on into a storm".

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