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Dancing SCRAP - 'This Is Sexy Sonic Alternative Iron Punk' Album Review


1. Acid

2. Big Fucking Deal

3. I Like It

4. Renegades

5. SWC

6. Ready For The Show

7. The Rocker You’re Not

8. My Goodness

9. Yet To Come

10. Watered Down Punk

11.Bitch….And You Know It

Iron Punk band Dancing SCRAP started out playing the Rock clubs of Rome back in 2011/2012. Their lineup consists of Ronnie Abeille (vocals), Sal Ariano (guitar), Eugenio Pavolini (guitar), Bobby Gaz (bass) and Danilo Camerlengo (drums). They have just released their 2nd LP, which is the follow up to their 2015 debut. Over the last few years they have played live in London, Amsterdam, Budapest, Zagreb and Maribor.

This album is a fusion of Rock, Commercial Punk and Electronica all mixed together to provide an unusual mix of heavy guitar and drums married with a club beat.

The album opens with ‘Acid’, which starts with a good drum beat and is reminiscent of Oasis’ Rock n' Roll Star' due to its subject matter and drawling lyric of Rock N Rooooollll. The subject matter, i.e ‘We are in a band' continues with the second song ‘Big Fucking Deal’. Although it starts with a heavy bass sound it soon resembles a very European sound, and when the lyric ‘How many songs do I have to sing’ is sung the listener could be forgiven for sighing and answering another 9!

The third track, however lifts the album with a nice Rock intro and is a fusion of the styles found throughout the album. It has a catchy chorus and lyrics. It is no surprise that this was the first single released from the album.

'Renegades', again has a strong intro. It follows the common pattern of Rock, Punk and Electronica. Whilst a very repetitive song, it slows the tempo in the middle to rebuild to end with a nice guitar riff. The change of pace continues with ‘SWC’, which is a slow number and where keyboards dominate in place of the heavy guitar licks.

After this interlude the album returns to a more Rock vibe with some pretty heavy guitar playing on ‘Ready For The Show’.This is also a departure from the European influenced sound and is more reminiscent of a 90’s American Punk revival number. This builds expectations which are cruelly dashed with ‘The Rocker You’re Not’. ‘I’m the rocker you’re not’ is the unconvincing cry, especially when backed with some ‘Plinky, Plinky’ synth sounds. This is yet another song that reminds you that they are the band.

‘My Goodness’ is the closest thing to Punk you will find on the album. The lyrics are delievered in John Lydon fashion and once you hear ‘Riiiiight, Ha Ha Ha Ha’ followed by lines lifted from ‘God Save The Queen’ you can see why.

‘Yet To Come’ is a confusing track, which starts with a drum machine and seems laden with a ticking clock. This reminds me of some of the ‘Alternative 80’s’ tracks back in the day. ‘Watered Down Punk’ follows which some might say should have been the title of the album. It does not seem to be anything to do with comment on the state of the Pop industry, but is more like a trip advisor review complaining about the abilities of the bar staff in an all inclusive hotel in Magaluf!

The album ends with probably one of the best tracks apart from the single. ‘Bitch….And You Know It’ is the first song on the album that does have a story, about unrequited love, with a female vocal cruelly taunting ‘To me you are just a little boy, to me you are a little toy’. At last a little angst, a little too late in the album.

I am sure that there will be some that like the fusion of Alt Rock, Punk and Electronica, in this perplexing album. It is fun and has some interesting combinations in style. You can tell that Dancing SCRAP enjoy what they are doing. The single ’I Like It’ is a good track and might hook people in. Futuristic Punk is ok, but if you are old school and like your Rock or Punk edgy with a message or social comment, then this is not the album for you.

Review - Tony Creek

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