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Disposable Release New Single/Video 'Ravenous'

Bringing together high energy live shows, fast paced performances, and memorable riffs with heavy hooks to boot, Disposable are the epitome of Modern Thrash. Now, with their second album almost complete, a UK tour and a fresh line up, Disposable are ready to grab UK Thrash by the balls with the release of ripping new single and accompanying video, ‘Ravenous’.

With a technical edge to the riffs, a groovier vibe to the verse and an anthemic melodic chorus, the track marks a new direction for Disposable. 'Ravenous' is the bands most diverse piece of work so far, while still keeping its roots firmly in thrash metal.

Vocalist William Robertson comments: "Its been a great year so far, we played our biggest shows ever and shared the stage with some of our favourite bands. Its really inspired us, we're really excited to be releasing 'Ravenous', because it has so many new sounds. Its a really interesting song for us; we experimented and had a lot of fun recording it. Its still fast and its still aggressive, but it sings and gets stuck in your head."

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