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Silence The Radio Release New Video For 'Friendly Neighborhood Nightmares'

Out of Providence, Rhode Island, four-piece Alternative Pop Punk band Silence The Radio are premiering the music video for their latest single, 'Friendly Neighborhood Nightmares'.

With the development of “Friendly Neighborhood Nightmares,” the band realized that their biggest strength was their ability to write songs with a catchy, flowing chorus, while still retaining the dark, tongue-in-cheek lyrical style they had originally honed. With a bouncy tempo, memorable theme, and unstoppable chorus, Silence The Radio has delivered potentially their strongest song yet.

"'Friendly Neighborhood Nightmare' was probably the most personal track for us to write. The titular character represents the disillusion a lot of our generation faces as we age, and the mental instability that usually follows. It’s about someone who’s become totally desensitized to their self-hatred and uncertainty, and manifesting that destructiveness into its own character. It talks about reaching that dark point where nothing matters, but in a light hearted and a slightly twisted way.”

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