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Samarkind - 'Samarkind' Album Review


1. Black Rain 2. Sun Stroke Heart 3. Skinny Rivers 4. Good Man Call 5. Thru That Door 6. Fire And Blood 7. Touch Stone Man 8. Blue Mountain

I usually have my first listening before I read the press release that generally accompanies the album I’m reviewing. Samarkind is no exception. I was shocked when I got round to reading it that this is their debut album. I can tell you that the songs told me a different story. This multinational band (Ireland, Poland and South African) have crafted what sounds like an effortless classic album, worthy of being on any Classic Rock fans cd shelf.

Singer David Paul Byrne has an interesting voice, think Guns n' Roses, Soundgarden, AC/DC. It’s not a straight out screech; he has a great vocal range that doesn’t allow the songs to get stale. I have a selection of cds that are my “go to” collection, a diverse range of music that I listen to when I want to feel good, to be comforted, to lose myself. I’m happy to report that Samarkind has made it into that collection! I would describe Samarkinds musical style as Southern America Heavy Rock to give you an idea of what to expect. It would be interesting to know just how much sweat, tears and toil went into the making of this album, a collection of eight tacks lasting just thirty three minutes, I suspect it was a lot!

Each song on the album is treated as an individual but fits together as a whole, there are no jarring tracks, and nothing is in the wrong place, the band sound assured and confident as though they have carved their place in the musical landscape. Of course you cannot ignore the slide guitar that features throughout the album. I have a soft spot for slide guitars (as long as they are not over used which they most certainly aren’t on this long player) and there is plenty to enjoy on this release.

Overall the album certainly takes me to my happy place; it’s a feel good affair. If you are a fan of Classic Rock (and you should be), if you are aware of its history then this album is for you, it certainly is for me! I give Samarkind five stars out of five (only because I can’t give it six!)

Review - Andrew Forcer

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