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Young Guns - Manchester Academy 25.09.2017

So tonight doesn't get off to a great start as traffic ensures I arrive just as tonights openers Beyond Recall are playing their final song of the set. Which is a great shame because the 3 to 4 odd minutes I catch certainly grabs my attention. Maybe I will get to see what they're truly all about sometime in the future.

Next up is Holding Absence, a band who's name and reputation proceed them. Having never listened to any of their music I am intrigued to find out wether the hype surrounding these guys is just or exactly that, hype. To break it down from there is quite difficult because I'm not able to fully answer my own question. There is no denying their is great promise from this young band, their sound can be likened to Bring Me The Horizon's current sound. Think 'That's The Spirit' only not quite as good, the whole time I feel like I'm listening to an imitation act. But amidst the imitation is a sound yearning to break free and this is where I think this band can shine. Their live show is tight as they work perfectly as a unit on the stage, accompanied by a quirky light set up they certainly look the part. If they can now just find a way to define their sound then they could be onto a real winner. Overall they put on a great set and they are certainly worthy of your attention but I do feel the hype is slightly overshadowing their current ability and they do have quite a way to go to fully earn the reputation that proceeds them.

Finally it is time for Young Guns. This will be my third time seeing these guys and they do truly get better every time I see them. Playing to a criminally small crowd in one of the smaller rooms of the Academy feels so unjust. For whatever reason these guys have never quite hit the great heights they so rightly deserve. As they go through a strong set list boasting songs both new and old they prove to me and their captive audience time and time again why they are one of the best current bands around. Why exactly this isn't seen by the masses, I have no idea. This all said, the band clearly take it in their stride never drop a beat. Always smiling and always giving it their all, the band make sure that you never feel short changed. The crowd joins in, every word sung back to the band in unison, moving mountains with their energy and the band ride that wave of energy all the way to the best 3 song encore I could ask for in the form of 'Bones', 'Daylight' and 'I Want Out'. A great night had by all.

Photos & Review - Friswell Photography

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