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Looming - 'Seed' Album Review


1. Intro

2. Down

3. Queen

4. Tried & True

5. Seed

6. Smoke

7. Input

8. Majesty

9. Leaves

10. Waves

11. Lace

I went to Springfield Illinois once. It was a strange place with the biggest attraction being Abraham Lincoln’s house. My over riding memory is of walking into a store and talking to the owner about the prevalence of manual cars in the U.K whilst all the time I could hear Bruce Willis in my head asking where Zed was…true story! Yes, yes this is a music review, not Trip Advisor but it’s relevant (sort of)…

Looming hail from Springfield Illinois (see!) and comprise Jessica Knight, Mitch Baker, Nick Demarco, Brandon Carnes and Cassie Staub and they’re on tour right now…in America. As you can probably tell, I’m beating around the bush a little bit, but here goes… 'Seed' is the latest album from Looming and it’s…well, it’s OK. Looking at the album cover and listening to the songs, you can’t help thinking that the band fell into a stasis chamber in 1994 and have only just emerged…the style, the tunes, the lyrics really take me back to that era. I could imagine them on the cover of Select, slagging off Justine or offering Miki from Lush out. And that’s a real shame…they say that music is cyclical and everyone pinches from everyone else (just ask the late Tom Petty about The Strokes!) but I was hoping for more from an American band…especially one from the weirdness of Springfield. The 90’s were great and produced some brilliant bands but if I wanted the 90’s back, I’d want some re-invention. Be bold and harness the creativity and audacity of The KLF or Charles and Eddie…stay with me…make me think “that reminds me of…” not “heard it!” Having spouted that rant, it’s not like the album is terrible.

The stand out songs for me were 'Smoke' and 'Majesty' but the most striking thing about the album is Jessica’s voice…hints of Amy Winehouse but with it’s own unique character, it raises this album above the average and gives it some resonance with the listener.

Review - Chris Watson

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