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Mayday Parade - Manchester Academy 22.09.2017

The night begins with All Get Out, a kinda Indie / Pop Punk hybrid that oddly in my mind drew comparisons to Biffy Clyro. Boasting a strong set with catchy anthem esque songs the band had roughly half an hour and they showcased themselves perfectly. While I would argue they're to brining anything new to the table they are by no means bad. In fact they are incredibly good at what they do and are easily worthy of a wider audience. They grabbed my attention and I shall be following their journey from here on out.

Next we have With Confidence, Australian Pop Punkers who are no stranger to the UK scene. Having heard a lot about these guys, I was excited to finally be checking them out and they are certainly worthy of the hype. The easiest way to describe them is accessible infectious Pop Punk. Their energy came by the bucket load, as they bounded around the stage, with jumps and guitar spins their stage presence was equaled by their songs. Despite not knowing any of their songs I still found myself bopping along as I stood side of stage. Chuck in some witty stage banter and audience interaction and the band are sporting the complete package. Still relativity young with a forming date of 2012 the band still have many hurdles to jump but if tonights performance is anything to go by, they are on the right track and hopefully next time they grace our shores they'll be headlining larger venues of their own.

Finally it is time for Mayday Parade. Before I go on I must admit I had never listened to anything from the band previous to acquiring the pass for tonights show. I made sure to remedy the situation by binge listening to their whole catalogue one evening which essentially left me falling in love with the band. So no longer going in blind I was excited to see if they could deliver. So... The American Pop Rockers were here only a short while ago tearing up the stage at this years Slam Dunk Festival but instead of a quick half hour stint they're here to play their debut album 'A Lesson In Romantics' in full (with a few hits in between) as it celebrates its 10 year release. The first thing that hits me is just how happy the band look on the stage. The sense that they're grateful to be gracing UK stages once more really shines and their smiles are infectious. There is nothing greater at a gig than a band enjoying themselves. The room sadly doesn't fill out as much as one would of hoped but the energy still consumes all those present and everyone in attendance sings their hearts out. Hands wave and bodies bounce as Mayday' smash out hit after hit, the songs on 'A Lesson In Romantics' feel as fresh now as they did on release and their quality is only reinforced as they transition from album to stage. With no new album currently expected from the band this is easily the best way to experience them in all their glory. It is my hope that this isn't a band reliving the glory days but a band reigniting the engine and they're really only just getting started.

Photos & Review - Friswell Photography

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