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The Sourheads – 'Care Plan For The Soul' Album Review


1. Demon

2. Morally High

3. My Rock And Roll

4. Power Of Addiction

5. Rag And Bone Man

6. Don’t Get Caught (I Am The Lotus)

7. Secret Cigarette

8. Warbird

9. Mad Dog

Firstly and most importantly I love this album! Hey I should probably leave the review at that and it would be a great description. I will however explain a wee bit more.

To look at this band from Wakefield you would not believe they are in the same group, and definitely not the same band pumping out of my speakers as I type. Singer Jake Coxon sports a style that would fit any Hair Metal band, the remaining three members could fit in any Indie band going. I don’t like gimmicky bands, these guys seem the opposite of that. As their debut long player rumbles into life I start to smile, by the end of the first track I am hooked and can’t shake off a huge grin.

I won’t say that The Sourheads are doing anything particularly new, but they do mix some sounds that have worked for years and added a little bit of themselves to it.

Imagine a super group of AC/DC, The Cult, The Doors, Aerosmith, Guns n' Roses, Focus with a gentle humour not unlike The Darkness but less cheesy and it would still not sound half as good as these guys.

The production on 'Care Plan For The Soul' is impressive, it sounds huge, well polished, professional, it deserves to do great things. If The Black Crowes had been as good as this four piece are? Yup, they sound that good. For a band who have only been together since 2016 they sound mature, but fresh, dated yet timeless. They even throw in a ballad of a sort with 'Mad Dog', the final song on the album, even then it’s not a straight forward ballad, it still has an edge to it that has been apparent through the whole album.

I realise this is the first mention of any of the tracks, but I’m trying to sell the band to you here, I like them that much. It’s very rare these days that a band grabs me the way that they have. I want to hear more, they are touring October/ November this year, I hope they are as good live as they are on record because I intend to check them out, You should too!

Seriously, buy the album.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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