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The Virginmarys - 'Sitting Ducks' EP Review


1. Sitting Ducks

2. Sweet Loretta

3. Through The Sky

4. Sleep

One of the things I love about reviewing is when I discover something new (to me) which excites me, this has already happened a couple of times in my very short career and The Virginmarys are one of those bands that have done this. They certainly have a lot to offer this first-time listener in 'Sitting Ducks'.

Musically it feels like the band nod towards Queens Of The Stone Age (in a good way) with the first two tracks from this new EP, it's Rock that would probably gain a lot of airplay if the band were given an appropriate chance, The title track gives way to 'Sweet Loretta', which also hints gently at some lesser known Foo Fighters songs, certainly the vocals have a lot of that kind of power to them.

The whole EP is gently sprinkled with percussion & the kind of additional sounds that perhaps don't appear in a live show (something that sounded like a theremin, but might not have been in the background on 'Sweet Loretta' stuck in my mind) but indicate the band want their music on record to have more longevity and reward for repeated listening than their no doubt visceral live sound might have. They know how to do this cleverly without watering down the raw power which is in evidence throughout.

The third track has a somewhat different feel and seemed like a turning point to me, with a difficult to pigeonhole but perhaps more English Rock feel (if that actually means anything) than the previous two tracks, this is a very good thing, I can't be the only one that gets sick of bands that so neatly fit a niche that they never leave it. Finally, we have a seismic shift in sound on album closer 'Sleep', this time acoustic guitars rule the sound, a ballad of sorts one might say, a gentle ending to a powerful (if brief) musical statement from this band.

Review - Mike McLaughlin

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