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The Franklys - 'Are You Listening?' Album Review


Are You Listening? 1. Castaway 2. Weasel 3. Puppet 4. Keeper 5. You Go, I Leave 6. Don't Kill Your Friends 7. Too Tall 8. Imaginarium 9. Comedown 10. Bad News

Calling Sweden and the UK their home, The Franklys are an all female band that meld buzzsaw guitars over a pounding beat. Whereas The Donnas and The Amorettes are more straight Rock, The Franklys add a Punk flavour to their blend of R'n'R.

Their debut album asks the question "Are You Listening?" which you really should be. From the opening few seconds until the album's last dying notes, The Franklys deliver their manifesto with swift slices of Pop Punk Rock. You want AC/DC bogie with a hint of Stooges attitude? Then you'll find the album you need right here.

Opener 'Castaway' is infectious and in your face with both melody and attitude with Fanny Broberg's guitar fizzing through nicely. 'Weasel' reminds me sonically of a pair of Sweden's finest musical exports The Hives and Backyard Babies. It must be something they put in the water there.

'Puppet' and 'Keeper' ease up the pace a touch before 'You Go, I Leave' swings by with a slow, swinging Stooges riff.

'Don't Kill Your Friends' is a bit less in-your-face than the previous tracks, but still crackles with attitude. 'Too Tall' has verses that strut into your head before the chorus bounces into your brain like a five year old at a disco after too many fizzy drinks.

'Imaginarium' kicks off with a fuzzy bass line courtesy of Zoe Brings and the hypnotic drum rhythms from (relatively) new drummer Lexi Clark before the guitars crash in and lift the track. Add in some searching vocals from Jennifer Ahlkvist and you've got a killer song.

'Comedown' punches above it's weight with a great riff before closer 'Bad News' takes you down to the floor and forces you to tap out to them.

The Franklys are starting to get some mainstream press behind them and on the strength of this you can understand why. Hopefully they'll keep their amps cranked up and earn themselves a few decent touring spots that could nudge them into the spotlight a bit more.

Review - Scott Hamilton

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