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Saint Apache - 'Wolf Machine' EP Review


1. You're Not A Slave

2. The Story Doesn't End Here

3. Halfway Dead

4. Wolf Machine

5. Wolf Machine (Clean Version)

6. You're Not A Slave (Clean Version)

Once again here at 3 Songs and Out I’ve been thrown an absolute curveball in the form of Saint Apache, hailing from way down South!

Wolf Machine (awesome title) was a bit of a breath of fresh air for me, I’ll be the first to admit I tend to get bogged down in my usual genres so occasionally a bit of something different really helps to break the mold, which is exactly what these guys did for me.

The first track on the EP comes in with a steady but somewhat gritty guitar chug build up of the main riff and then before you know it, the whole band hits you like a ton of bricks. Right away you can feel the Punkish roots that helped spawn this sound, “You Are Not A Slave” has a kind of Slaves feel to it (Oh the irony), particularly in terms of the vocal style, which is extremely English! Mixed with a bit of Cancer Bats in terms of musical style, though maybe not as heavy. Toward the end of the track things slow down a bit and allow for a bit of a spoken word style section which really accentuates the Punky style before jumping back into the main riff hard and heavy, to lead the track out. This was a great track to open with as it quickly exposes the style of the band and proves they are not planning on letting up any momentum until this EP finishes.

And just as promised the second track “The Story Doesn’t End Here” leaps straight in with a bit of feedback and a spoken intro followed by a group scream. When the band all come in the tempo takes a steadier pace, but don’t be fooled because absolutely no impact is lost as a result. If anything this only showed how massive Saint Apache sound even when they’re pacing themselves. This track felt very Monster Truck in style for me in places, with interesting riffs and booming percussion. The bass crawl and drum beat act as a perfect rumbling platform during the main verses to allow the guitar to do it’s thing, showing musical synergy at it’s finest.

“Halfway Dead” booms in next and as promised it doesn’t release the momentum one bit, this track is an adrenaline junkie's wet dream as the band thrash out some seriously awesome riffs and booming sound, which felt a bit reminiscent of Everytime I Die in places for me. The interesting riffs, the unrelenting drive throughout the song and of course vocals that show that Thom has a great voice and even better scream, ultimately making this track possibly my favourite on the EP.

The final and titular track “Wolf Machine” wraps things up with another change to the status quo, it opens up with a full band build up that felt very reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine. And later a guitar solo that felt very inspired by the legend that is Tom Morello! This song is a bit of a steadier one in terms of tempo when compared to the others on the EP but I found it helped to really show the range of styles that Saint Apache are clearly capable of.

In summary I have to say I absolutely loved Wolf Machine (I even love the title!). Saint Apache are everything I look for in a band, the music is fast, with awesome riffs that get stuck in your head, the vocals are powerful and very unique. I honestly cannot fault this EP my only grievance is that there aren’t more tracks!

So for the first time since I joined the 3 Songs and Out team I am giving Wolf Machine top Marks! And I strongly urge you all to get a copy as soon as it is released, check these guys out because I am certain they are one to watch. Well played guys, keep this stuff coming!

Review - Ric Snell

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