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Hundred Year Old Man Announce Tour Dates

Post-Metal band Hundred Year Old Man have just announced a tour kicking off on July 27th. Joining the line up is Post Sludge Metal band Archelon.

‘Because we are all quite different in our influences, and the bands we’ve played in, there’s a little bit of everything in our sound,’ says guitarist Owen. ‘I always say we’re a post-metal band with a hardcore singer,’ singer Paul adds. ‘So you’ve got that melodic, atmospheric soundscape, but with the intensity of a hardcore band.’

Taking elements of Ambient, Drone, Botch’s school of Hardcore, and welding them to the Post-Metal templates laid down by Cult Of Luna and Neurosis, what comes out the other side is a sound that’s both blisteringly heavy, but delicate and cerebral. ‘When we started the band we used the word ‘doom’ a lot, but post metal is a bit closer to home,’ guitarist Owen says.

With a ferocious live show that’s already seen them play the official Damnation Festival warm-up and Somatic Festival, as well as play alongside such bands as Moloken, Primitive Man, Conjurer, Employed to Serve, Sea Bastard, Wren, and Pijn, the band are becoming a must-see live experience. ‘We’re quite picky about our gigs. We like to play with bands we want to watch,’ says Owen. ‘We’re definitely more of a Hardcore band live, except maybe with the lighting. We take our own lights to the show, turn off the house lights, put some lamps on the floor. And then Paul and Aaron run into the crowd... It’s definitely an aggressive show.’

So if you like what you hear make sure to head on down to one of the live dates and check them out for yourself.

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