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Campfire Social - 'Wellbeing' EP Review


1. Ishq

2. I've Got Two (You Can Have One Of Mine)

3. Playwright

4. Nothing Nowhere Never Now

5. Wendy

Despite hailing from Chester, Campfire Social’s new EP evokes the sound of anywhere but the North-West. Claiming influences as varied as Elliott Smith and The Beach Boys on their EP, this 5-track EP showcases a band with a keen ear for a melody, often coupled with lush harmonies and rhythms that could move a stone.

Opening track ‘Ishq’ begins with a flourish, evoking the worldly rhythms and harmonies of Paul Simon during his ‘Graceland’ period. There’s an irresistible charm to it that makes you want to dance and simultaneously contemplate all of life’s mysteries, as frontman Thomas Hyndman sings of ‘existential questions’ and ‘trees falling in the woods’.

‘I’ll be your friend/And I’ll thank you for being mine too’, sings Hyndman on track two, ‘I’ve Got Two (You Can Have One Of Mine)'. As an ode to friendship, it continues in the same upbeat tone. That said, it sees the band in a more refined, reflective mode. ‘Playwright’ follows, and sees the band delve into even deeper territory, with its gentle, soothing lullaby. Despite being the shortest track, it packs an abundance of emotion into two-and-a-half minutes.

‘Nothing Nowhere Never Now’ was the band’s first release in 2016, and it sees the band return to more upbeat territory. Much like on the EP’s opening track, the band deal in luscious harmonies that could make even Robert Pattinson smile. The EP ends with ‘Wendy’; a fitting closer that returns to the more emotional depths that the band are capable of reaching. ‘Wellbeing’ itself showcases a band capable of great things, from the introspective lows to the dizzying highs and everything in between. Quite an impressive feat in a mere five tracks.

Review - Liam Govey

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