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Patent Pending - Manchester Academy 3, 20.04.2017

Patent Pending are a joyful Pop Punk band hailing from the shores of Long Island, NY. They are currently signed to Rude Records (Catch Fire, Blood Youth, Woes) - since the bands formation in 2001 they have released three full length albums and ten EP's.

Patent Pending are a band renown for crowd interaction, crowd surfing and a fantastic work ethos. Their live show supported these prefaces perfectly, let me tell you in more detail!

On the 20th of April, 2017 Patent Pending rolled the 'Spring Break UK Tour' in to Manchester's prestigious Academy 3 (sold out - 450 capacity). They brought Sweet Little Machine and Eternal Boy with them as supports.

First up and opening the show to a still filling room was Sweet Little Machine - a band I had never heard of prior but had only heard good things about since they were added to the tour, I expected good things. I was not dissapointed. At first I assumed they were another American outfit but it was later revealed to me that they were from the home of many great English bands - Sheffield. Sadly I do not know enough about them to go in to massive detail about song names and stuff, but I can say that they impressed me - and anybody I asked about them also enjoyed their set. SWM have a EP out that I will most certainly be checking out at the earleist opportunity.

Travelling with Patent Pending from the USA were Pittsburgh outfit Eternal Boy - formerly known as The Spacepimps. Atmospherically the change was sublime. The energy and excitement must have quadrupled, The sense of humour from the frontman was absolutely on point - he knew exactly how to entertain and earn attention from a crowd. Eternal Boy played a wide variance of original songs which they described as 'throwbacks' due to their Sum 41 / Blink 182 style of sound. The latter inspiration couldn't have been more evident when the opening riff of 'What's My Age Again' rung out and Eternal Boy gave us their spin on an original Pop Punk song. The crowd responded to Eternal Boy well - and in return they gave us a great representation of themselves!

Preceding the headliners was a change of scenery, as the backdrop was changed to a Stranger Things inspired logo. Suddenly the lights were dimmed and the theme song was played - smoke machines hissed into life and Patent Pending flew out from side stage and launched straight into 'Little Miss Impossible'. Patent Pending leave absolutely nothing between them and the fans as frontman Joe instantly scaled the barrier and began surfing around the crowd and generally just breaking down the wall between the show and the fans. A tidal wave of crowd surfers followed during following songs 'We're Freakin Out' and 'Let Go'. Fan favourite (and my personal) 'The Whiskey, The Liar, The Thief' carried the show along, with the chorus bouncing of all 4 walls. The crowd seemed to garner a collective second-whim during the middle portion of the set, which included 'Classic You', 'I'm Not Alone' and Spice Girls cover - 'Spice Up Your Life'. 'Riot Hearts Rebellion' and 'One Less Heart To Break' are the next songs we are treated too, which are met with a tsunami of fingerpointing and appeased fans. A mashup of 'LA' / 'The Way You Make Me Shake' / 'Cut Copy Paste' and 'This Love Can Save Us' are the penultimate songs in the setlist. As Joe announced that 'Hey Mario' would be the finale, the crowd sparked in to life, with the security guards having their hands full with the crowd surfers, literally. As Patent Pending exited the stage, you could almost feel the disappointment that there was no more.

Wait, this is a Pop Punk show - Of course there is more! 'Brighter' and 'Douchebag' are the contents of the expected encore. With them being two of Patents most well known songs, it is no surprise that the crowd are ecastatic and their was almost a unanimous grin amongst the crowd. Patent Pending were almost a lesson in charisma and crowd interaction. You can definitely tell they are a very experienced band who provide a infectious and polished set. Great Night.

Review - Luke Percival

Photos - Deanna Darcy (Taken at The Key Club, Leeds)

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