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Borders - 'Diagnosed' EP Review


1. Analyst

2. Comatosed

3. Indoctrinated

4. Watch The World Burn

When Borders cracks in with their first track “Analyst” I was practically smacked in the face with a such an awesome riff, accompanied with powerful bass, chugging guitar and drums tighter than my wallet a couple days before payday. It instantly grabbed my attention. All this led by a powerful scream that leaves you wanting to bellow right along with the track, though I wouldn’t suggest you do this if you’re listening on public transport. A short interval with a sample breaks up the brutality for a moment that allows you to catch your breath before the song comes back around to finish the track off with a heavy send off. As an opening track I thought Borders couldn't have chosen a better one, right away you know what you’re getting yourself into, however I felt that it could have ended a little sooner. I know longer than average tracks lend themselves well to various Metal genres however in this case I spotted the odd point where I felt this song could have ended slightly earlier to no detriment.

After a steady sample intro “Comatosed” stomps in with another high tempo, heavy as hell track with slamming beats, and sick guitar riffs. This song really does not let up and was almost my favourite track of the EP. Sometimes when you really need to release some angst, you need a track that really gets your pulse going and makes you want to throw yourself around until your whole body aches and this track is perfect for exactly that. This track is the shortest on the album and part of me is thankful for that purely for the fans sake, this song is so in your face and unrelenting I doubt anyone but the most battle hardened Metal veterans would survive if it were any longer. And with that thought I think I’ve just understood why the track is called Comatosed!

In the end though I have to say “Indoctrinated” was my favourite track, rather than easing you in with a sample or intro Guitar, this track goes in dry with a heavy beat right from the offset. The tempo is slightly slower than the previous track but this serves to help you feel every single beat. It is also the first on the EP which exhibits some clean vocals which I thoroughly enjoyed and found that they contrasted really well with the screaming. And to top it all off just when you think you’re safe the song moves into one hell of a heavy breakdown, these days it’s hard to write a breakdown that sounds original and not ridiculous at the same time and these guys cracked the formula.

It’s safe to say that Borders wanted to finish this EP off with a bang and this track “Watch The World Burn” does exactly that. It has a more Djenty vibe to it, the riffs are fast and interesting and practically bounce around the room with chugging rhythm section and awesome tappy lead guitars. There is even faint bits of clean vocals ringing through in the background, which admittedly left me hoping there might be a bit more.

Ultimately I really enjoyed Borders EP “Diagnosed” this is definitely one I will add to my gym playlist as it’s fast, heavy and really gets your heartbeat pumping, however as I played through the EP I started to feel like the tracks were quite similar in places. I know this might not be a popular opinion and the more Hardcore Metal fans would be happy with nothing but heavy screams but I actually enjoyed the clean vocals very much in “Indoctrinated” and personally would love to hear more of it in tracks to come.

Check out their video for 'Analyst'

Review - Ric Snell

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