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Darko Release New Video For 'Just A Short Line'

Guildford Skate-Punks Darko are pleased to reveal a new video for ‘Just A Short Line’ – the latest track to be taken from their critically acclaimed debut album 'Bonsai Mammoth' which is out now on Bird Attack Records (US) and Lockjaw Records (UK).

“For this video we hooked up with our buddy and director Claudio Stanghellini whose been working a lot with Bird Attack Records over the last couple of years” comments vocalist Dan Smith “We sent him the track and he came back with a couple of different scripted ideas that were based around his interpretation of the song and we picked the version we felt suited the best. One of the things I am pretty big on when I write is that people take their own interpretations of the lyrics and that then becomes theirs. So while the video doesn’t represent my exact meaning of the song, we now have an artistic collaboration which gives the song a whole different dimension and adds to the whole aesthetic of the creation!”

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