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Last Hounds Release New Video For 'DOA'

Bringing together the best elements of energetic Hardcore Punk and a spattering of old school Hip Hop, Midlands band Last Hounds are a force to be reckoned with. Now the five piece have released storming new single 'DOA', the first track to be released from their upcoming second EP 'Old Dreams'.

"DOA is about people in various positions of power trying to pull the wool over our eyes when it comes to feeding us information. More relevant in this day and age with social media being the prime target for propaganda campaigns. In the end ‘the power’ will get found out, because people aren’t stupid. DOA stands for “dead on arrival’ which is used in the chorus stating “We are the DOA”. In the context of the song, it means that sometimes you have to be at your lowest point/ situation before it is possible to realise that somethings gotta give, and that things need to change. The best way to do that is to unite, and rise up as one."

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