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Hometruths - 'Open Your Eyes' EP Review

Track Listing:

1. Embers

2. Feral

3. Divide

4. Vigilante

5. WMD

Every now and again, you need some angry sounding, politically (or philosophically) motivated music. There's something in it that lifts you, gets you riled. Whether it's going for that last rep of a heavy lift, ploughing through a seemingly endless pile of paperwork, or simply throwing down at a local gig on a Saturday night; hardcore and metal have got your back, bro. Which is why I was psyched to find that those Northern boys in Hometruths have dropped their first EP titled "Open Your Eyes" earlier this month. The Welsh-Mancunian collective are storming the scene with slick riffs, tight rhythm and a furious political rhetoric. Having gigged with Hometruths in their early stages, it's become clear that these lads have found their dynamic. The build up intro track, "Embers" although short, really highlights the band's creative use of noise throughout the EP. It's the opening of the set, the "get ready and limber up" section. This is closely followed by their main release, "Feral". Although this isn't my favourite track, the fast-paced drums are accompanied by a smooth riff that screams circle pit at you. The vocals cut through this and hold consistent throughout, a hardcore-style guttural shout that fits well with the pace of the track. However, the boys really hit their stride when "Divide" kicks in. The transition is smooth, with vocals that feel more palatable. Think Comeback Kid with a northern accent. What I felt stood out in particular was the perfectly timed dischords, which really accentuate how punchy this track is. The tempo change leads into an angry rant-rap style of vocals, reminiscent of Hackivist. I do feel, however that this section should have been the end of the track, as another tempo change takes the bite out of the first. My favourite track of the EP, "Vigilante" is where I felt the band bring it all together. An ominous intro, building up with tight drum work. The range of vocal styles and their placement in this track is bang on; it isn't shouting for shouting's sake. It's clear that a great deal of time and passion has gone into composing this track and I feel it has totally paid off, it's taken me days to get the chorus out of my head. The final track, "WMD" has some airtight breakdowns, which is a real testament to the dynamic established between the guitars and drums. You can almost imagine this being your last chance to move when seeing these boys live (which you're going to want to do once you've listened to this EP). I'm intrigued to see how these boys will progress from here. It does seem like they could run the risk being pigeon-holed as one of "those political bands" which presents all sorts of challenges for future releases. Nevertheless, "Open Your Eyes" is a solid debut from Hometruths, a band we ought to be keeping our newly opened eyes on...

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