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Olly Murs - Manchester Arena 17.03.2017

Love or loath the X-Factor, it has been responsible for a vast majority of modern chart music and in its many years has created many successful acts. One of the most successful of these acts is Olly Murs. Finishing as runner up in 2009 it didn't take long for him to sign a record deal and I suppose from there you can say the rest is history.

Tonight I stand in the photo pit with 15,000 plus people behind me all waiting in anticipation for the man himself. Before long, a giant digital clock appears on the screens and begins the countdown As it hits zero the atmosphere in the room reaches breaking point and erupts as he casually walks onto the stage. What follows is quite simply a pleasure to witness. Olly puts on an incredible live show and despite being constantly on the move he never drops a note. His voice is as strong as you'd expect from someone who was involved in a singing competition, but for me the most important thing to take from this evening is X-Factor may be responsible for him being here tonight, but long gone are those days. Olly has become a star in his own right. The show can be seen only as a stepping stone for an individual who deserves to be gracing the stages of arenas, never once feeling out of place he commands the attention of everyone here in attendance and ensures that no one is going home unhappy. As he reels off hit after hit the electric in the air never drops and this just urges him on to a spectacle of a finale.

Olly Murs is able to carry himself with ease in front of tonights massive audience and is very much at home. As stated before, love or loath the X-Factor, there is no denying Mr Murs is very much a star and deserving of all the accolades that come with the title. Despite being a huge fan or Rock/Metal music, I won't forget anytime soon what I witnessed here tonight.

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