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Brutus - 'Burst' Album Review


1. March

2. All Along

3. Not Caring

4. Justice De Julia II

5. Drive

6. Bird

7. Crack Waste

8. Looking For Love On Devils Mountain

9. Horde II

10. Baby Seal

11. Child

Brutus originate from Belgium, which in itself is cool, as there are not many successful bands coming out of that region, Brutus have seen much success this year already, which includes numerous festival confirmations - such as ArcTanGent and 2000 Trees. Their success comes off of the back of their debut album, 'Burst', which is what I will be reviewing today.

According to NME, each band member cites different influences, as diverse as Bruce Springsteen, The Weeknd and Slayer. It is interesting to me how such an array of influences combine to write an album, let alone a successful one. Due to the wide array of inspirations it is a fair assumption that Brutus intend to destroy any pre-conceived genre boundaries.

Lead single 'Drive' is a self-confessed calamity, with frontwoman/ drummer/ vocalist Stefanie describing the sound as 'pushing a drum-kit down the stairs that keeps on playing whilst crashing down.' The album itself is a reflection of the work ethic of the band, with the majority of songs coming in at around the 3 minute mark, the songs move fast, with lots of noise, a testament to how the band has grown. From being a relatively unknown band, they are now appearing at major festivals and embarking on numerous tours. 'Burst' is a showcase of the talent contained within Brutus, with a wide array of styles present, the semi-instrumental 'March' precedes the hail of noise that is 'All Along'. 'Bird' is the standout song, if you are looking for pure vocal talent. It is a true showcase of the vocal range and abilities of Stefanie.

Brutus are a band, that albeit are not strictly to my personal taste, but nevertheless a band I certainly will catch live at the earliest opportunity, and you should too.

Check out their video for 'Drive'

Review - Luke Percival

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