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VUKOVI - Sound Control, Manchester 13.03.2017

Tonights show opens with Blackpool rockers Jekyll, who waste no time leaving their mark on tonights growing crowd. Being the show openers is a daunting position for any band to find themselves in, especially when playing a city that isn't your own. But don't think for one second this phases the band, as a collective they ooze a raw energy and charisma often missing in bands these days. Their lead singer boasts an impressive range, his voice is strong and never falters despite never staying in one spot for more than a few seconds. The band as a whole mimic their leads energy and ensure they are using every inch of the stage provided. Their songs are catchy and designed to be the perfect sing along, while granted that isn't the case this evening there is no denying that the unaware have certainly taken notice tonight, I know I have. Jekyll are a power house and a delight to listen to, the "great things await these guys" line is thrown around often with bands but for these guys I truly believe this to be true.

Next up we have Critics, a band not new to me. Having previously seen them support The Virginmarys at The Key Club in Leeds, I already had an idea of what to expect. Last time I was left overall unimpressed but tonight they went out of their way to correct my first impression. I can easily fault their lead singers over confidence, a trait that contributed to my previous dislike, but this time round I find him quite endearing. He is brash and has an undeniable swagger but he also has the voice to back it up. No one song sounds the same as they genre hop in style all the while never losing their momentum. I'm unsure exactly what the crowd make of these guys tonight as they are probably the more diverse band on the bill, but overall they pull off a great set and have gone a long way in impressing me this evening.

Next up is the reason we are all here, the rising stars that are VUKOVI. They had previously been down to play a smaller stage in the venue but had been upgraded due to technical issues, not that it proved to be any kind of a detriment to the band. The room is comfortably full and excited to see what the Scottish rockers have to offer. It's honestly hard to put into words how enjoyable this band is. Relativity new off the block they are fresh and bursting to get out and make a name for themselves. Lead singer Janine is charismatic and constantly smiling which is truly an awesome thing to witness. Bands that are clearly enjoying themselves are infinitely more fun to watch. Playing up to the camera she is confident in her role and her voice is quite simply incredible. The transition from album to stage is seamless and with all this in mind it will certainly propel them to the forefront of the Alt Rock scene. They play their debut album in full and every song is a hit with their adoring fans who sing back every word. The atmosphere and energy never drops and the overall mood of tonight is fun and exciting. I'm excited because I believe it won't be long until these guys and gal are blowing up venues and stages much larger than this, so catch them while you can in these intimate surroundings they won't be playing these types of venues much longer.

Photos & Review - Friswell Photography

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