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The Dollyrots - 'Whiplash Splash' Album Review

Tracklist: 1. I Do 2. Babbling Idiot 3. Mermaid 4. Just Because I’m Blonde 5. Squeeze Me 6. This Addiction 7. Dance Like A Maniac 8. City Of Angels 9. Saturday Morning 10. Jump Start This Heart 11. Pack Of Smokes 12. Other Trucker 13. Walking On Sunshine

I first heard of The Dollyrots about 5 years ago. They were first on at a Bowling For Soup show and I just plain forgot to catch them. Since then, I've really not been fussed to catch them live or listen to them. So going in a bit blind had actually left me wondering what sort of band they were.

In essence, they're Pop-Punk, however upon listening a few times I really failed to get connected to any of the tracks on their newest album. The guitar and bass work reminds me of many early Punk bands, and just follow each other for the most part. When the bass or guitar do something different from each other, I wouldn't say any of that adds anything more to the tracks, and in fact just still sounds very dated.

This is made worse in that some of the tracks feel very much like copies of more revered Pop-Punk songs, for example, 'Babbling Idio't has the same initial riff and drum pattern as “I Feel So” by Boxcar Racer, before breaking down into a Punk chorus and the familiarity in this case really feels apparent and makes you want to listen to the original riff far more. The drums do little to contribute further, and at times sound really over-produced and almost electronic.

Vocally, there's nothing wrong, with standard female vocals with a hint of Joan Jett, however, I struggled to connect to lyrics and hear anything too apparent that stood out.

This all leads to the album just feeling very plain. I've heard albums like this a few times in recent years, in that sometimes bands don't have anything to say or new to contribute, but feel the need to put an album out to appease fans. Add to this a cover of 'Walking On Sunshine' which was done far better by Ghoti Hook back in 1998, and the whole thing just feels a bit like it should have been taken out back, had a strap taken to it, and then told to come up with something a bit better.

Underwhelming in almost every aspect. I would give this album the Poop emoji if not for the vocals, so it's a one and half stars from me

Review - Oli Williams

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