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Downfall - 'Awakening' EP Review


1. Awakening

2. Rise

3. Resistance

4. Thy Kingdom Come

5. Another Day

6. Truth

Downfall are a five-piece band hailing from Preston, 'Awakening' is their new, and debut, EP, shortly after 'Awakening' surfacing they were signed to GDM Artist Management, which is no small feat for a new band.

Even from the get-go it is evident that 'Awakening' is a record full of breakdowns and riffs, and I have to say it is mixed excellently (By Erick Bickerstaffe of Loathe, I believe). 'Awakening' is a good intro to the band, showcasing their ability to write heavier, typical metalcore songs, whilst also retaining the ability to write and perform songs with a 'quieter' or 'slower' vibe. Once again, I must say, that 'Thy Kingdom Come' particularly highlights the actual instrumental talent of the band, with riffs galore. Every song on the EP retains the same style whilst remaining distinct from each other, which is impressive. The EP in its entirety is well written with constant in your face vocals. 'Awakening' totals around 20 minutes, and if you are a fan of this genre, definitely worth a listen, and Downfall definitely have the talent to have a bright future, I hope to see more of these guys, I also get the impression their music would translate great on to a stage, so if they tour, catch you there!

Check out their video for 'Rise'

Pick up a copy of Awakening here:

Review - Luke Percival

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