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Cage The Elephant - The Albert Hall, Manchester 19.01.2017

Indie rockers Spring King hailing from Macclesfield took to the stage at Manchesters Albert Hall as supports for the night and the place came alive. Although having only one album which was released June 2016 and only being a band for a few years, they brought an energy that resulted in a loud electric vibration that soared throughout the venue. To think they're just starting out and have already claimed the stage and worthy of it too, I was surprised to hear how tight musically they were.. They begun their set with 'Let's Ride' and after 3 songs I was hooked. Their song 'City' was the highlight of the set. They brought a nice youthfulness to the stage with professionalism, and most importantly they looked like they were enjoying themselves too. As soon as I entered the venue I was pleased to see the place almost full which shows they have a strong fan base already. Big things are coming from these guys, I can feel it.

Next up, Cage The Elephant, with lead singer Matt Shultz dressed like Mick Jagger and displaying the swagger to go with it, the crowd roared in excitement and cheer as the band took to the stage. First track was 'Cry Baby' which set the mood for the night, they were here to rock and they sure did that. Lead singer Matt Shultz's wacky dad dancing on stage brought a smile to my face and it felt like I was seeing a band who were completely enjoying the moment and their time on the stage. The set was perfect comprising of older hits and more recent tracks off of their latest album which was a good mix and each song brought its own originality. My favourite track of the night was 'In One Ear' with it infectious guitar riffs, I could feel myself head banging along with them. A solid Thursday night rock show. Definitely a band who get better with age.

Photos & Review - Jess Jones Photography

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