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From Inside - 'The New Era' EP Review

The middle of 2016 and start of 2017 saw the formation of one of metal's brightest sparks, From Inside. The members are no newcomers to the scene and the stage however, with heavy vocalist Simon Mora being the ex-vocalist of Arcane Addiction, who had a somewhat cult following in Liverpool.

I was honored enough to receive a copy of their debut EP pre release (due out January 13th) and I have been charged with trying to put it into words.

The first track 'Still Breathing' is a testament to what the band are, and are going to be, with each instrument having stand out moments on the song, with perfectly mixed vocals intertwined. The second song up is 'Be Yourself', one of, if not, my favorite(s) on the EP, with a sound not too dissimilar to The Amity Affliction, Northlane etc. Up next is the bands debut song, 'Find My Way'. This song dropped out of almost nowhere, it just appeared on my facebook newsfeed one day and I was instantly hooked, with a sound somewhat relatable to early Linkin Park. The chorus gets stuck in my head each and every time I listen to it. 'Two Sides Of Me' the fourth song on the album, and my joint favorite, follows it. This song showcases the obscene amount of talent in the band, with Simon's heavier vocals being perfectly enhanced by the rhythmic clean vocals, thunderous drums and great guitar and bass work, rounding out the song perfectly. Completing the EP is 'There Was A Time', which again, showcases the instrumental talent of the band, with the fast paced drums complimented by enchanting riffs which together form a very, very well structured track. From Inside have already gotten the hang of having a sound they can call their own, whilst managing to keep each song unique, I am excited at the future prospects of this band & you should be too!

I literally can not wait to hear more from this band.

You can purchase the EP from any of the following:

Check out their video for 'Find My Way'

Review - Luke Percival

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