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The Temper Trap - Manchester Academy 2 19.12.2016

Manchester's Academy 2 was sold out for Australian pop-rockers The Temper Trap and their return to the UK.

From start to finish the place was packed with eager fans awaiting to hear with anticipation what The Temper Trap have been up to since the last album release 4 years ago.

They released their 4th album 'Thick As Thieves' in June this year and have been touring with it ever since. As a fan of their hit song 'Sweet Dispositon' from the 2009 '500 Days Of Summer' movie I was keen to hear what else the band had to offer since not hearing much of them since.

But first tonights support came from another Australian band Tempesst who brought a Psychedelic Rock vibe to the stage with the song 'Too Slow' which was the bands first release. From here each song delicately flowed into each other. I felt there was an influence of Tame Impala with the song 'Tidal Wave' which had a great blending of Pop and Rock. Overall I was surprised how good the band performed despite not being around for long and there is definitely room for them to grow and improve on their style of music.

Next up, The Temper Trap took to the stage. Beginning their set with the title track of the new album 'Thick As Thieves' instantly I felt the track giving me an insight on what the new album has to offer which was hope, hope in something that could become as good as their debut album 'Conditions'. The next track from 'Thick As Thieves' that was played was easily one of my favourite tracks of the night. 'Fall Together' brought back the Psychedelic Pop sounds with lead singer Dougy's infectious forsetto in the catchy chorus had me feeling uplifted and getting emerged into the atmosphere and performance. This song caught my attention for all the right reasons and it had the crowd singing along. At that moment I felt the crowd getting more involved which I wanted to see. Then the highlight of the night, the track that made me aware of this band and a fan 'Sweet Disposition', expectedly the closing track of the night. The introduction brought uproar of loud cheers from the crowd who I felt were there for that song and the nostalgia it brings.

Overall, the gig was what I expected, it didn't out do my expectations of the band but didn't disappoint either.

Photos & Review - Jess Jones Photography

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